That Tuesday

I’ve sat on these photos for 15 years. After leaving school late in the morning, I got my parents’ nice film camera and my sister and I documented the day as we saw it. At the time, I wanted to be a journalist, and I had a lifelong fascination with history and photojournalism. I felt this day needed to be captured from all perspectives. My sister Kelly had just turned 13 and I was 14, a month away from 15. Each of these photos is captioned for more information – just hover over them. Some are poor quality or don’t show much, but I included them anyway.

For context, I left school around 11 am that day. My mom came to pick me up, worried that all hell might break loose here in Indianapolis (I was embarrassed by that) and thinking we should go see our dad since his father was in Manhattan and no one had heard from him. He was a producer at a local news station. We were there for several hours, then went home, and my dad joined us at home later that evening. We came home to an answering machine message from my grandad, who had been in his Midtown apartment and awoke with all the commotion. He was on the first train out of the city once they began running again that afternoon, he said, and was back with my grandmother in the suburbs of the city. I’ll expand upon all this in the next entry.


Special thanks to my mother for scanning these.

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